Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Planter and Trellis for the Upper Deck

I've made a couple of posts about finding a planter/trellis/screen for our upper deck - both ends. The north end is by the sliding door and gets lots of sun, the south end divides our deck from our neighbors and gets lots of shade. 
  • On January 30th I was just starting to find images of planter ideas (created a board on Pinterest called 'Trellis')
  • On January 31st I was already rethinking what would fit in the limit space.
  • On March 10th my post was about a design that Chris pointed out would work for our deck.
Since then we've both been busy and every so often Chris would go work in the garage "on the trellis". What he did was build a screen with trellis attached for the south end, then built a planter and trellis for the north end.The screen side is still unfinished, but this evening we plan to fill the planter and start planting.

Here's the before picture of the planter, I'll follow up later with it when it's planted and the screen when it's stained.

Planter and trellis at the north end of our deck.

This planter has the same materials used for the screen and trellis on the opposite end of the deck. The size of the mesh determined the size of the trellis frame. The top portion turned out to be the perfect spot for the floral metal work that I bought last fall. 

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