Community Garden 2012

My plot at 78th St. Heritage Farm community gardens 2012. My first year as a community gardener provided a lot of info, ideas, and photos. Check out my Archives for posts about the progress of the garden made throughout the year.

2012 Community Garden Veggies

plant, (variety), date, note, advice for next year
:) happy face = I liked it, it grew and I ate it
:( frowny face = problems, it died, had bugs, grew poorly

Beets (seed) 5/25 :( did not grow
Bush Beans (seed) 5/25 :) lots of beans, next year plant near walk
Carrot :( plant individually and in loose, deep soil, Fall
Lettuce (seed) 5/18 5/25 :) Fall
Onion (Walla Walla) :) plant individually
Peppers :( grow at home in container, skip in garden
Pole Beans :) first transplants almost died, rebounded after replanting, easier picking than bush
Potato (Yukon Gold) :) planted late, still got potatoes :( fleas beetles ate the plant plant earlier
Radish (seed) 5/25 :) Fall
Spinach :( stunted after too much rain, Fall
Squash (Crook Neck) :( did not grow, replaced with yellow, it did not fruit, lots of flowers though
Squash (Hubbard) :( beautiful plant until it died from mosaic virus
Squash (Zucchini) :) one plant, lots of fruit, plant 2-3 next year
Tomato (Early Girl) :) lots of tomatoes, but not early, skip this one next year
Tomato (Black Krim) :) heirloom with rosy color, tastes great, heavy fruit
Tomato (Stupice) :) large cherry tomatoes, very good, my favorite this year
*all tomato, potato, and most squash had flea beetles, left alone killed plants, using Organocide spray worked.

Community Garden 2012


  1. One thing I've learned this year at our office Community Garden is that when the carrots begin to thin them...meaning you pull out some of them that are growing too close end up with little baby carrots, but then the ones left behind have the space to flourish! We have great carrots in our 2nd bed ... where we thinned them.

  2. Pumpkins are always a favorite...