Monday, January 30, 2012

Bookend planters with a trellis

The two primary vertical spaces here are the two 1/2 walls at each end of the upper deck. The one to the north is most visible near sliding glass doors. That spot gets a lot of sun in the afternoon and would be a great place for a planter with a trellis. The wall to the south is less visible, but separates us from our neighbors.  We could use a screen that serves as a trellis and planter there. That spot is part shade.

I decided the easiest way to look at trellis ideas would be to create a board on Pinterest called Trellis.  I then did an image search on Google and pinned the ones I liked to my board.  I found some great ideas and will share two here:
Corner trellis from
The best option for us is to have a corner planter like this at each end of the deck with the trellis along the house and along the top of each wall.  I'll have to measure the wall near the door, otherwise I might end up with this planter in front of the screen.

This option works well for the north side, but doesn't provide any real screening needed along the south wall.  This style is pretty conventional and if we are going to build anything ourselves I would like to incorporate salvage items, maybe a door or window.  I think you could pull off using two doors and overlay them with a trellis.  That would make a nice screen for the south wall.

Wood trellis with wheels from
I included this planter with wheels because anything heavy that we plant on the upper deck needs to be easy to move.  I've already got one ceramic container that I have trouble moving. (Reminder to buy the saucer with wheels this year). So if you take the corner planter above and add wheels you've got a perfect planter for the north wall.  Add doors for the planter to the south and I think I may have a plan for two planters that will be functional and have their own look despite being in bookend locations on the deck.

I found some really great trellis ideas today, and will keep looking for the fence and lower deck. I'd also like to add a couple of images for the doors I have in mind.  If you'd like to take a look, go to the Pinterest button at the bottom of the page and take a look at the Trellis board.  Each image will have a link to it's source.  

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