Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What shape will work?

Yesterday I did some research and found the perfect planters for the upper deck.  Today I went out there with a measuring tape and realized that my choice may not fit.  I've got some figuring to do now, I'm not certain a corner planter will work. I like the door as a screen idea, but I could also move the corner planters to the railing and lose the trellis.  I think I need to see how these ideas work in plan view.
This photo from an earlier post shows the limited space. I want a corner planter behind the chair Kabrina is sitting in.  I want it to be tall and screen a portion of our neighbor's deck.  But, I'd forgotten the downspout was there (both sides) and it leaves a few inches between the downspout and the window. Pretty narrow, but it could work. We could also build something a little more asymmetrical to fit the space.

I took some other measurements while I was out there. Ones I'd mentioned needing in previous posts.  I've now got measurements for the railing baskets and the 3 hanging baskets. I entered that info in my phone so that when I'm at the store I can find the right coconut liners.  Last year they were too small, so I just went ahead a used them. I ended up with shallow planters. Only one liner out of all them had the  plastic lining to help retain water. This year water retention and alternatives to hand watering will be a focus (later posts ahead.)  I also measured my heavy ceramic pot and will get it a plant saucer with wheels.  

This blog is proving to be helpful in terms of defining what's a priority, searching out ideas, and dealing with some of the details that would crop up later.

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