Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gardening Here is Cool

We live north of the Columbia River (just north of Portland, OR). Sometimes the coastal weather travels right up the river. That was our weather on Thursday, coastal, eventually turning into light rain, I was at the garden to water, so I picked up my zucchini and left. 

Yesterday I wore a fleece coat to wear while watering and never took it off. This is not how I remember August. I remember that by August the potatoes look dry and wilty and that all the gardens start to look baked. So I am enjoying the cool weather and fewer days of watering. 

I decided to look back at a post from last August, and discovered that despite it being hot last year I still had a lot of green tomatoes and flea beetles. I got advice to water tomatoes once a week and to stop watering at the first of September. I'm glad I looked back because I had been trying to remember when to cut off watering. Sounds weird but I produced a lot of fruit last year by doing this.

My garden still looks lush and green. Maybe too green, as I've seen some green tomatoes that have still have not turned in a couple of weeks. I am eagerly awaiting red Big Boy and yellow pear tomatoes. I've had a couple yellow squash and the only color in the garden, besides the nasturtiums, are a few pumpkins slowly taking over the garden plot.

Right now it's all about zucchini and beans.

Besides waiting on tomatoes, we are waiting on our onions and corn.
 I really have no idea what we will do with all the onions. 

This is one of several photos I've taken of this marigold. I wanted to get a picture of it's color, but my phone likes to play photoshop. I'm not a big fan of orange, but this flower is my favorite this year. You can see our biggest "Cinderella" pumpkin in the background. This is proof that I do not stage my photos.

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