Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blooms and Beetles

This picture comes close to the one I had in my head last winter. I love the tripod and sunflowers. 

The garden is at it's peak and I feel proud of what we accomplished our first year.

While I was at the garden this morning I got to chat with the garden manager who was out checking on the plots. I asked about the Hubbard squash which now has brown wilting leaves. She directed me to the WSU extension office here at the farm. (I stopped on the way out, but all Master Gardeners are at the fair this week. So I took a photo and sent an e-mail with my question.)

She noted our abundance of green tomatoes and asked how often I was watering. She said that I could water them once a week now to promote tomato growth rather than leaf/plant growth. She added that the foliage would start to look bad, but by September to stop watering them.

She also commented on the tomato leaf curl, and I mentioned seeing a dark bug, she said that they were probably flea beetles. I've got a little homework now...

I would like to start filling in areas that are done, like lettuce, radish, carrots. She mentioned that Territorial Seed has a section in their catalog listing what's good to plant now in this area (Willamette Valley). Tonight I will do some reading online, tomorrow I'm heading to the nursery to check out the seed packets. 

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