Friday, August 2, 2013

Clark County Fair Opening Day

This morning Chris and I went to the Clark County Fair. Some years it sounds fun and others it's the last thing I'd want to do. This summer our weather has been mild, so that may have something to do with it. I had mentioned going this year, so my mom suggested the free entrance on opening day. She then ran out and got tickets and handed them to me a few days ago. Thanks Mom.

Then my dad suggested we park at their church and walk over. So we had free entrance and free parking. Mom and dad work every year on their church's fair pie baking. The Community of Christ booth is on the midway, they sell hand made pies baked fresh daily. If you go to the fair try a piece of their pie, sometimes you can buy a whole pie. They are delicious, old-fashioned like your grandma used to make, but not gluten free.

I took some photos and was disappointed that all but one turned out blurry, too dark, no flash. Usually when Chris and I do something just for fun I put the phone away and don't think about blog photos. I guess I was crossing that line because the only photo that turned out was of baby goats. I don't really like goats, but they were cute.

There wasn't much new to see. Luckily the Food 4 You booth was there again. They are the only booth that serves healthy food without bread, breading, or buns. I had a SW chicken salad, a couple of years ago that would have been impossible to find at the fair.

We ate lunch in the stage area for kids with the pony rides. I think that the fair is most fun with little kids. I remember taking my niece there, she's 21 now so it's been awhile. Maybe when Chris has grand kids we'll take them.

Anyway, it was a nice break, and it was cool outside, and the people predictably weird. Oh, and Laura, if you read this, Alan Jackson is performing this year.

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