Monday, August 5, 2013

Updated My Flickr Photostream

One of my favorite photos from last summer at the community garden
is now in my Flickr Flowers album.

Today I noticed a sticky note about creating more Flickr folders, so I started looking at my photos and realized I hadn't been updating the All-Purpose Flower 2013 album with photos from my blog posts. I also had a few pictures that I added to the Flower album. I added quite a few pictures and still have yet to create a new album.

I recently posted that Flickr is now offering a terabyte of storage space. Up till now I've never saved more than 199 photos, because over 200 would cost money. Well, today I finally crossed the barrier and now have 215 photos. Using only .023% of my allotted space. And it's still free.

Before the updates, Flickr didn't have a banner photo.
 This is the one I selected and it looks even better as my banner.
While I was there I added one of my photos as a banner across the top and edited my profile photo so that it fits the new space. I also found Scott Weber's page and made him a contact. I follow his blog at Rhone Street Gardens, and his landscape photos are really impressive. I hadn't ever been to his Flickr page before, one of those things that gets set aside too long while trying to id bugs in the garden and figure out a new blog reader.

These pink tulips are new to the Flowers album
Many of my photos from Williamsburg, VA are now in the AFP 2013 album

To see my photostream you can click on the Flickr button (hot pink with letters Fr) on the upper right of my page or click on this link:

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