Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Year 2 at 78th Street Heritage Farm

Gorgeous lettuce at the community garden - not mine.

I'm looking out my window at the gray clouds and rain hitting the window, luckily I have these photos to remind myself that warm sunny days are just around the corner. Over a week ago we finally planted a few veggies at the community garden. We went back later and planted all the plants I had left sitting on the back deck. I have a policy (now) of planting what I've already bought before running out and buying more. Plant shopping is a lot like shoe shopping, you can buy anything you like without worrying about fit. Now that I work less I also have to be more strict and limit what I buy in the first place.

So after planting what I had, we made our trip to Chapman's Greenhouse last Friday. We went back to the garden late Sunday afternoon and planted more corn, potatoes and a few nasturtium I had started from seed. It was on this trip that I remembered to snap a few "before" pictures.

Bean poles, potatoes planted, squash, and red wagon #13

Rows of well-watered onion and corn, 
stakes separate my garden partner's space and serve as hose control.

Not too exciting now, but it will be fun to look back a few months from now. We are about 3/4 planted, I'll add the tomatoes the first week of June, and still have carrots and sunflowers I grew from seed.

I did start picking the fava beans (tall bush at the side) and pulled out a lot of stalks. I spent some time this afternoon shelling them. I then looked it up online and discovered that I need to shell them again (glad I looked). They are a labor intensive vegetable and I can't imagine the inner bean will be worth this much effort. 

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