Monday, May 20, 2013

Animal Lover? Art Lover?

If you have pets or just love animals you will like a book written by a good friend of mine. If you're an art lover you must see her illustrations. Marlaena's book is a true story about her cat and dog and their unique friendship. It's called Black and White Cat, White and Black Dog. She has shared a lot of her illustrations on her Facebook page with us and they are wonderful.

Marlaena is using a crowd funding site called Indiegogo to raise a portion of the money to image and publish her book. It is a 30 day campaign and it started yesterday. I've added a link on the right sidebar that will take you to her campaign. It shows how much has been raised and how many days are left.  I will leave it there for the next 29 days.

Yes, I am using my blog to promote the artistic work of a talented friend. At the very least click on the link and watch the video. Some of her illustrations for the book are shown there. I would not put this on my blog if I did not love it and I can't say how proud I am of her work and for her taking this next step. 

I am not at all familiar with crowd funding, but the concept here isn't just donating money to the cause. You can just donate money, but there are also several options starting at $10.00 on up for you to get a copy of a soft cover book, a hard cover book, or a print, for example.

Check out her video and illustrations:

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