Saturday, May 18, 2013

Planting Progress One Step at a Time

I like to plan things ahead and yes, I have a lot of trouble adjusting when things don't happen according to (my) plan.  I assumed that by now I would have the community garden planted and  having finished planting all of the veggies at home, I would be planting my flower baskets. Instead I've got the garden about 1/2 planted, my railing planters about 3/4 planted and no plans for hanging baskets or deck railing planters.

Friday, we went to Chapman's Greenhouse and got our tomatoes, which I will keep on the covered porch for another week or so. We also got potatoes and some corn starts. I found the Big Blue Lobelia and have set it next to the yellow Creeping Zinnia I picked out for the deck railing planters. Seeing the two together makes me think that an obvious choice for the planters would be very deep red geranium.

I'm still working on the railing planters I got for Easter. I got them planted with lettuce and chard a week ago, but still need to add the radish and nasturtiums. Each time I think about doing it it is raining. I don't have a problem working in the rain, but trying to plant seed starts in soggy dirt isn't the easiest. 

We also discovered that the planters weren't a tight fit on our railing. Chris found a solution by using some old rubber car floor mats. He folded them up and set the planters on top, so we know have them up on the railing without the risk of them toppling over. The lettuce needed the cool, rainy weather and is looking good.

Basically, everything is moving ahead simultaneously one slow, unplanned step at a time. 

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