Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Veggie Railing Planters

Two varieties of lettuce, chard, radish, and nasturtium.

Last weekend I finally got the veggie railing planters finished. This year I decided to plant all my salad veggies at home. Last year I had them upstairs,  had some downstairs, and some at the community garden. But the upper deck is closest to the kitchen, so I can easily pick them and rinse them off when I want them. Also, the container veggies are a lot cleaner than those grown in the garden. Less rinsing, more eating.

I got the two railing planters for Easter (and seed). I ended up planting them in stages. Drain hole plugs that wouldn't budge and wobbly planters that were not a tight fit for the railing had to be addressed. Once we got them up on the railing I could finish planting with seed starts.

Saturday I finally got those planters finished, I added radishes and nasturtium started by seed. Luckily, cool rainy weather has followed both the lettuce and the radish plantings. The plants have perked right up, and I believe are ready for the sunny spring-like weather we had before.

Using the patio table as a planting bench is a family tradition.

Here is are the finished containers with my cat looking on with obvious pride

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