Monday, April 1, 2013

A Gardener's Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny is good to me. Last year I had a basket with ranunculus and herbs. This year my basket was a set of railing planters filled with other garden treats.

It would seem the Easter Bunny keeps track of each and every item I that I look at when I'm at the garden center. Coconut husk filler for my hanging baskets, new garden gloves made of bamboo. Three new garden tools (to replace the broken ones) and seed packets to start for the garden.

My basket also included two strings of lights to hang on the lower deck. Two packs of tissues, because I have allergies, and some peanut butter cups -  because gardening requires sustenance.

(And a cute salt and pepper shaker set that includes a bunny and a cabbage.)

It would appear that the Easter Bunny also reads my blog. Most recently the post about kicking myself for not getting the railing planters. Needless to say, I was quite happy and surprised to discover my basket Easter morning. I will try to do my best with the seeds for carrots and radishes, no guarantee.

Kabrina admiring my Easter Basket

Thank you Easter Bunny.

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