Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites 

A couple of really big favorites that I'd like to share:

At first, I could not decide if I wanted to do a Friday Favorites post today.  In the spring, I am easily distracted, luckily I've seen a few other blog posts and Facebook comments that tell me I'm not alone. I've seen several things worth sharing, but did not keep track of them. I've been outdoors in the sun, visited the community garden, and I've been distracted by a couple of other things.

I mentioned that I was going to get involved in the Grow Write Guild and posted my first response to prompt #1 "My First Plant". The response to this writing exercise has been really good. I just checked and there are now 66 comments so far. There will be new prompts every 2 weeks, so people are still adding their responses.

I have been trying to keep up with reading the responses as they post, but am lagging behind. They have been interesting, short stories that involve a childhood memory about a plant, the place, and the people who introduced the love of plants. Some are garden bloggers, others are writers. Anyone can participate. That is why I'm placing a link  here so that you can read some of the posts or write one of your own if you'd like.

Grow Write Guild, Prompt #1 My First Plant:


Another reason for my distraction is a post written recently by one of my favorite blogger/artist/writers Kelly Rae Roberts. On Feb. 28th she wrote a post inviting her readers to form a group called the "Possibilitarian Tribe". Click on this link if you want to know what a Possibilitarian is. She offered her readers a chance to form a group with each other, by leaving your name and info in the comments. She had about 300 comments within two days.

So I decided to start looking at a few randomly. Turns out they are all talented, artistic people who believe in possibilities made tangible by their own creativity. To me, her post was like creating a giant bulletin board for us to leave our calling cards. I was so happily surprised to find these upbeat, artists scattered all over the world.

So when I say I've been distracted I mean I have been visiting new blogs, websites, Facebook pages and a few Pinterest pages.  I've been finding some incredible people online and it has totally changed my outlook on what's possible here on this blog.

Kelly Rae Robert's Possibiltarian post:

I've added buttons to the right side bar (keep scrolling),
one for Grow Write Guild and another for the Possibilitarian post.
You can come back any time and click on the buttons to get to those sites.

Have a Happy Easter Weekend everyone.

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  1. Hi Val,
    Thanks for your comments on 'My First Plant' on my site. And thanks also for the link to yours. I really enjoyed it and remember how beautiful Lobelia is, and how I too tend to overlook annuals. "Crystal Palace' and 'True Blue' are definitely on my shopping list this Spring.