Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Seasons

After several days of sun and warm weather we are back to normal with cold, rainy days. Which means I'm back inside trying to ignore all the obvious chores. 

We have had a death in our family earlier this week, next week I'll be away attending the Memorial Service.

Without getting too poetic or philosophical about it, I have spent the last few days wondering how we as a society think we can ignore death?

Gardener's in particular spend each year planning and working around four seasons. Spring is renewal, summer is growth, fall is harvest, and winter is death or hibernation depending.

This winter in particular I was more aware of everyone's desire to skip winter and go straight into spring. I have been doing that for years myself, my focus is daylight (or lack of it).

Winter is as important as any other season. It may not be that popular, but it is necessary. We too face seasons in our own lives. I'm guessing that I'm on the verge of early fall. But we can't ignore that we will each have our winter season.

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