Monday, March 11, 2013

Saving it for a Rainy Day

Rain Chain In Action
 Rain Chain in Action, Flickr. Some rights reserved by chaim zvi
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In November I wrote about an idea I had for a business here in the Northwest called,  Rain Gardens

This was my idea:

Rain Gardens ~ 
a nursery, community garden, meeting place, bookstore, espresso stand/cafe, gift shop designed to be used in the rain. It would include: indoor areas, outdoor areas, covered patios, rain barrels, rain gardens, container gardens. It would be a place where my friend and I would love to spend time during the winter, spring, even in June. Space to plan, test, research, garden, and of course - shop.

After posting about  the idea here on the blog, I made a "secret board" on Pinterest - they had just offered this option. I wanted to use it to gather ideas that celebrated rain, to create a board that visualized this place. But, I didn't get very far with it. One reason is the secret boards are located at the bottom of the screen, so I rarely saw it. Another reason, I was having to do searches for rain related items. Unlike all my other boards I was working at finding things.

I realized that I won't open Rain Gardens here and that there was no point in having that board be secret. This board is called APF Rain gardensHopefully it will not be confusing as I have another board literally about rain gardens.

There's always a link to my Pinterest page at the top right of my web page (red circle with a P in the center).  Here's the link, just to make it easier:

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