Friday, March 8, 2013

A Friday Favorite

Friday Favorites 

Something I discovered this week that I'd like to share:

I wasn't planning on doing a favorites page this week, since I was sick. That was until I saw this blog post shared on Facebook. wow

Theresa Loe posted this on Jan. 6, 2013 on her blog, Living Homegrown.
In Random Acts of "Garden" Kindness, she talks about her own reason for doing random acts of kindness and suggests ways we gardeners can do the same. She includes ideas on sharing a part of our gardens as well as sharing a part of ourselves. 

If anyone wants to offer other ideas on how we can perform random acts of garden kindness, go ahead and leave a comment below.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are off to a good start with more warm, sunny weather.

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