Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rain Gardening

Just before the rain started I was talking to someone about our 'impending doom' (aka 7-8 months of rain). I said, "you'd think we would come up with something to do when it's raining". She replied, "yes, but I just like being outside." She's right, "fun" activities inside all winter and spring just don't have the same appeal of being outside, or even working outside.

When I was younger, I spent a few years working outside in the rain. I got used to rain gear, gloves and boots. I don't mind getting my hair wet, but at some point you end up slogging in the mud and it's not much fun.

Since that conversation, I had an idea about a place where we could garden year-round. I admit, I have a lot of ideas, most require funding and business know-how, maybe I'll find a venture capitalist or anonymous benefactor. Who knows, anything is possible.  So I'll share it here. I love rain gardens, so while thinking about  this I decided that would be a great name for the place I've got in mind. 

Rain Gardens ~ 
a nursery, community garden, meeting place, bookstore, espresso stand/cafe, gift shop designed to be used in the rain. It would include: indoor areas, outdoor areas, covered patios, rain barrels, rain gardens, container gardens. It would be a place where my friend and I would love to spend time during the winter, spring, even in June. Space to plan, test, research, garden, and of course - shop.

It is what my tiny covered lower deck and 5' wide yard have to offer - being outside, breathing fresh air, and enjoying a garden (minus the espresso stand).


after writing about my container lettuce
Kabrina went out on the deck, noticed her cucumbers were gone 
and decided to try the lettuce herself.


  1. Rain Garden Shop - what a great idea. Your garden partner would help you to decorate the space. I see colorful wall paintings, possibly stained concrete floor reflecting the theme. Something to talk about next time we meet. Hana

  2. Yes, lots of color and light.
    How about the next time we meet for coffee?