Sunday, November 4, 2012

Container vs. Garden Greens

Went to the community garden today. Hadn't been there in the last couple of weeks, mostly because of the rain. Wasn't looking forward to ripping out my plants, but my garden partner had cleared out her side so I decided to go see what I could get done in an hour. The soil is so damp that I just pulled out tomatoes, beans and stakes by hand. I've still got some weeding to do , but decided to keep the nasturtiums til frost.

Lettuce planted in a container in September

I've still got lettuces, spinach and chard that I planted in September.  I'm glad I did that since I'm still getting a bag of fresh greens from it on each visit. It was interesting to me that the lettuce at the garden is much smaller than the lettuce I planted in a container here at home. I'd decided that it may be easier to just plant it all at the garden next year. But the lettuce in the container is about 3x the size of the ones in the garden.

Plus, the container crop is clean and bug free. Can't say the same for the garden, and today I found slugs...

While the lettuce in the container required lots of watering at first, these plants are doing much better than same variety at the garden. Would like to hear of ways others work in fall veggies to existing containers, leave me a comment or share a link.

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