Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blink and It Will Be Gone

Trail leading into Luke Jensen Sports Park
Vancouver, WA

The sun emerged briefly and lit up all the trees and their fall foliage. I used the dog as an excuse to go a few blocks to the new park, only to come across a young man with his camera.

I was very interested in photography in high school, even spent time in a dark room. I have a nice digital camera, but usually rely on the convenience of my phone's camera. It goes everywhere with me any way, so why not? But because I once had some experience with manual photography I am able to admit that my photos taken with a phone are not "photography".  

That said, I take a lot of photos, and many are just not very good. But, today's brief amount of sun taught me that it may not be my 'skills' that are to blame. While looking over my recent photos, I realized I'd taken quite a few of the beautiful maple tree behind our house. Problem was they were all taken on a cloudy, dreary day (almost any day here) and no photo of mine could do the tree justice.

Hello, new wallpaper

So on my walk through the park, I was able to quickly snap some photos of how beautiful fall can be here in the northwest.

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