Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Lettuce in Containers

Recently, I found black window box liners at the nursery. I hadn't noticed these before, since my baskets all use coconut husk liners. But I was looking for something small to plant  lettuce in because I didn't have any empty containers available. 

Lettuce planted in a window box liner

When I planted fall veggies at the garden I decided to keep some lettuce here at home so I could easily pick some for salads. The lettuce is growing well, but the black liner tends to get warm in direct sunlight. The leaves start to wilt, so I'm watering a lot, which is never my goal. 

The lettuce and other greens I planted in the community garden are doing great there. It's also easier to pick the greens all at once.

I think if I tried this again I would plant them in a larger planter. Even better would be to have them in a railing planter at waist height. Last spring I considered adding more railing planters for veggies, but that idea was put on hold when I got the lot at the garden. I guess the thing to consider is to either make room in existing planters for fall veggies (fewer flowers) or add more planters dedicated for vegetables.

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