Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blogger 101- Header Photo

When I added the Community Garden tab to my blog the header and title (field of daisies) on top did not line up with the tab bar. Some people never notice, others, like me, notice it every time the page opens. I have spent a few weeks trying to fix it, that's really not something most would admit to.

That's the joy of blogging, you get a template that arranges things nicely and gives you options. But, when you need to go one step further you are pretty much on your own. I like Blogger, I chose it because some of my favorite bloggers used it. But, the help section can be quite useless. I could not tell the size of the image and was never able to find a max size for the header photo.

Not that it's all Blogger's fault. When I made my header in photo shop I didn't bother to keep a copy of the original photo I'd used. I've spent days looking through hard drives, thumb drives and my photo software for that photo. Turns out I took it in 2005, so it wasn't among the first places I looked.

So here's something to remember in future when making a new header:
create a folder (in this case named "Daisy") in the "banner" folder
save the original photo there
save the photo shop image there
include the pixel size in the name

I started with a 750 px by 300 px image. Turns out the 850 px by 300 px image fits.

So, take a moment to scroll to the top of the page and notice the alignment. Because after all of that searching for the daisy photo, I'm thinking of changing it.

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