Saturday, November 10, 2012

2 Great Articles on Veggie Gardening

Last of the fall planting
Wednesday we cleaned out the last of the garden. It was getting a lot cooler and the weather man was talking frost over the weekend. I was surprised by the amount of greens we had left - lettuce, spinach, and chard. Fall planting in September was a success, even on a small scale.

By doing this I was putting the vegetable garden on a back burner in my mind. I had focused on it  over the summer, well most of the year, as it was my first year. Even though I was bummed about it being over I was starting to look at other ideas that had been shelved.

Or so I thought. This week I found two great articles on veggie gardening, one on Pinterest and the other on Facebook. I'm sharing them now because they are easy to understand and provide a lot of good ideas.

What drew me to the Pinterest article was the caption, "great site for starting a garden when your clueless".  Click on the image and you go to Weekend Gardener Monthly Web Magazine. The article is titled, "Growing Vegetables, Step by Step." The author, Hilary Rinaldi does just that - with photos. 

I saved it for a couple of reasons. One, she uses a 20' x 20' plot as an example (same size as the community garden). Two, she shows how to plant all of the basics, including potatoes. Three, her article goes from planning, tilling, to planting and leaves no gaps for confusion.

The other article was posted on Facebook by Proven Winners, "Gardening for the Time Starved". Kerry Meyer writes about the experience of having less time for gardening after having her baby. In her article she offers some really great tips on creating a garden that doesn't require a lot of your time. 

One idea in particular that I want to use next year is to lay down soaker hoses and compost around my plants. I spent a lot of time watering last year and that shouldn't be the case unless it's really hot.

Both of these articles are now saved on my Pinterest Board, called Veggies. If you're new to Pinterest just start clicking on images and they will (or should) take you to the source.

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