Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Time to Celebrate Fall

A mix of sunflowers from my garden next to Jack

It's October, fall is my favorite season of the year. I really like the temperature, the slant of the sun, leaves turning and a chance to pull out my seasonal decorations. I've got my halloween coffee mugs back in the cupboard and I believe there are several boxes of decorations waiting in the garage. 

In most houses there's just one person who loves the seasonal decorations, but in ours both of us enjoy it. Since we combined households we really have twice as much stuff. Last year we started to purge extras as each season came and went. 

In this case we just got the jack-o-lantern box from Karey's Kreative Interiors. Karey had a shop just down the road and recently moved into 1817 Main Street Vintage downtown. We got the pumkin when we went in to check out her moving sale. So I guess adding another item means I'll have to donate two. It's double-sided and has a flap so you can insert a candle. It's meant to be hung from an "arrow" outside your door, but I think we'll keep him inside this year.

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