Monday, October 1, 2012

Last of the Summer Veggies, Start of the Fall

I went to the garden this morning thinking I'd pick a few tomatoes, water my fall plants, cut more sunflowers and go home. When I first got there I was pleased to see that all of my lettuces and chard were doing very well. So well that I actually picked a bag full of greens.


pak choi - anyone know how to cook this?

spinach and lettuce

I did pick some tomatoes, not as many as before, and one last zucchini. Still have some onions left and pulled up a few for my parents. Then there's the green beans. I keep assuming after picking them that they are about done. Today I picked more than I did at one time over the summer.

green bean growing like crazy

As you can see the sunflowers draped across my bean teepee are done. I was surprised and a little disappointed because I've enjoyed bringing some cut flowers home. But, I've been leaving the dead heads and the birds are eating the seed. Not quite done yet.

Here's some photos of the produce when I got home. Notice the giant orange bell pepper. My pepper plants would not grow, I even decided not to plant them next year. I discovered this one on a plant about a foot tall. No rhyme or reason for that one.

I'm very excited about having lettuce, spinach and chard for the next month. It has been fun re-working small sections of the garden for fall planting. It is especially exciting after having to eat store bought lettuce the last few weeks.


  1. Enjoy! I love tomatoes this year. I froze a bunch for winter juices.

  2. I love your coffee too. Hana