Friday, October 5, 2012

Autumn Railing Planter

Over the summer I have replanted my two railing planters on the upper deck.
These planters are the most visible from inside and I like to keep them 'updated' as the plants start to fade. In my August 19th post  I showed how I replaced the old planting with all white petunias. At the time it was nice to have a simple, monochromatic planting. 

We had a warm August and they produced a lot of flowers. But, they became a buffet for tiny little ant-like bugs with wings. The flowers basically disappeared over a week. (If you can id those bugs, please let me know in the comment section).

So Long White Petunias

Now that it was October, I decided to change out the planters with a fall theme. I love and support my local nurseries, but one trip to Home Depot (and about $30 later) I had a nice mix of mums, pansies, peppers, and heather.

Hello Fall Colors 

(Click on photos to enlarge)

I kept the planters similar, but because I wanted to try some different plants, they have their own look. I've never tried the mini peppers outside, so I'm interested in how long they'll make it once it gets cold. The heather can transplant to the garden, but I'm interested in seeing how well it does in the container.

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