Sunday, August 19, 2012

Updated Railing Planter

Last weekend I went to the 50% off sale at Chapman's Greenhouse. I walked away with just a couple of plants and a bag of potting soil, showing iron will on my part. Oh yeah and a gross spider that I noticed before I stowed him in the car with me.

I decided to repot my two railing planters with white petunias. All week it has been hot here, not the best time to replant anything let alone two planters in full sun.

Yesterday it started to cool down and this morning I decided to get them planted before I started watering.

Here's a photo of a planter with the Big Blue Lobelia and the ivy geranium.

I first planted this planter in early May with the lobelia, lettuce, spinach and the ivy geranium.
The spinach didn't do well, too wet and cold, but the lettuce was a hit. Once the lettuce was done I replaced them with the white petunias. The ivy geranium didn't stand a chance against the 3 thunderstorms and hail we had earlier this summer. The lobelia which I loved, just looked done.

Here is the planter now:

This is very simple and pretty and these flowers can take the August heat. I like the uniformity, although the lettuce early on was a success, so I'm still interested in mixing the veggies and the flowers. The lobelia plants got a buzz cut and were replanted downstairs in deeper containers with the ivy geranium. Plant recycling - I think I got it from my mom.

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