Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Flower & Veggie Railing Planters

I've finished my railing planters today, although I may add nasturtium starts when they are ready.  I've had them mostly planted for a week or so, but still had room for an annual flower in each. This year I spent more time thinking about the coconut husk liner than I did the planting. Because I've been to three great local nurseries I've picked up plants as I saw them with these planters in mind.

Both planters contain lobellia, lettuce, spinach, and ivy geranium

3 lettuce and 3 spinach plants are in the center

I have a lettuce basket downstairs, but wanted another variety and spinach for salads. These planters are just outside the kitchen. Since I first tried using lettuce in planters, I've found that I like how clean they are versus grown in a regular garden bed. These are also easy to reach.

My assistant, Asha, decided to sunbathe

Here's a view from inside, bright flowers with veggies

I haven't decided yet what I'll replace the lettuce and spinach plants with when it gets warmer.  I have seen some pretty impressive petunias and calibrachoas at the nurseries. They would be easy to swap out and would like the sunny location.

I also didn't try the water bottle irrigation system in these planters, as they are made to retain water I can see if I notice an improvement over last year.

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