Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day of Discoveries

I'm not sure what to write about first: the cool farm stand grocery I found today in my own town or the cool antique mall I found today in my own town. I guess a little of both and then I can add details later.

I left my house with no destination, just needed to get out. Stopped at Burgerville for a blackberry smoothie, the best of all their seasonal fruit smoothies and shakes. I headed north then headed west when I spotted a red barn that looked like a produce stand. Turns out it is "Felida Red Barn". 

Felida Red Barn fresh produce and grocery just minutes from my house

I decided to take a look in the small store and one of the first things I found were fresh blackberries. Before leaving I wanted to see the plants out front and the woman working told me this hanging basket was too heavy, so they took it down and set it in the wheelbarrow.

Hanging basket turned wheelbarrow display

Felida Red Barn is located at 1915 NW 119th St., Vancouver, WA and I found some gluten free snacks there too.

After leaving this store I headed south to downtown Vancouver. A nearby gift shop I liked had relocated to an antique mall. I did not know such a thing existed in Vancouver, but I decided to look around. I parked on Main St. next to a yogurt shop (new to me) and soon found 1817 Main St. Vintage.

I walked in and realized that I'd just found a smaller version of Monticello Antiques right here in town. So exciting. I'm not sure how long I was there, so many great displays and so many great item. Lots of garden stuff, which had me choosing one item over another. 

I took several photos of displays and items I wanted to remember. I ran into the owner of the gift shop that had moved and discovered a class offered at the store that sounds fun. I'll fill in the blanks in my next post.

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