Friday, August 17, 2012

Garden Snapshots

I am watering less at the garden, taking the advice of the Community Garden Manager. But since it's been so hot I'm not ready to leave it for 5 days and water tomatoes only once a week.

I was there at 9 am but it was already hot and the sun was overly bright.

The first thing I noticed were these sunflowers that are about 7 feet tall. 

I snapped this photo because everywhere I turned there were amazing gardens.
(you can click on any of these photos to enlarge)

I now have a dark sunflower in my plot, I've had shades of yellow so far.

Seeing this tomato made me happy. This is a Black Krim, I've never seen one or tasted one but tried it based on a recommendation of a friend. This is the tomato that has had leaf curl and Flea Beatle problems. I'm happy to say that the spray seems to have slowed them down. The other two tomato plants are ripening and I got to take a few home.

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