Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY Deck Screen

I first started looking at screens and planters for our upper deck last winter. I was trying to get an idea from photos I'd found on the internet :January 30th and 31st. It wasn't until March that I found an idea on Pinterest that was simple and modular, easy to adapt to our space.

Of course by then I'd found out I had "won" a plot at the community garden and that has been my focus since then.  In the meantime, Chris made a design on Sketchup, bought the materials, and built not only the screen, but a planter as well. He built the screen first, then made the planter from left over pieces. I posted photos of the planter in late May. They face each other on each side of our upper deck.

Unlike the planter, the screen looked rough, unfinished without stain. He matched the stain color to the pressure treated wood slats. The day we bought it, it started to rain, and continued to rain for about a month. Finally, on a cool day in July, Chris stained the screen - and it started to sprinkle as he finished. 

This screen provides wire mesh and slats for climbing plants and gives us some privacy between our deck and the neighbors.  We both think it looks great and now are considering staining the planter in fall. "We" are good at coming up with new projects.

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