Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We Have a Plan

I've posted a couple of concept plans for the garden plot, the most recent on 4/22/12.
Today I met my friend who'll be sharing the plot with me. She had added her planting plan, but there is one problem.  A water bib at the southeast corner has started to leak and water is running into that corner of our plot.  Not sure how soon they'll fix that, so I revised the plan a little bit more with an x through that area.

We agreed that a path through the center wasn't necessary, but I did leave some space to store tools and hoses there. I left an 8'x6' space to the north for her so she could avoid the bog in the corner. I bumped some of my plantings to the south and marked 3 spots for stakes so the hose doesn't drag across the plants.

Still waiting on the beginner gardener class, but the next step is to start working in compost. Mother's Day is the usual last frost date around here so we're close to planting our first veggies.

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