Thursday, May 3, 2012

Port Townsend's Beach Access

I've shared photos of the rain gardens I saw in Port Townsend, WA last fall on March 29, 2012March 30, 2012.  I have some other photos to show, something else I found there. Two of my primary landscape interests are rain gardens and universal design. If you go to my Pinterest boards you'll see that I've created a board for each topic. I won't go into why I have an interest in these two design areas, other than to say they just make sense. 

I'm a logical person, I like putting things in order and filing them away in linear fashion. When you learn a little about rain gardens, you realize that it just makes sense to use plants to filter stormwater. When you learn a little about universal design concepts, it just make sense to design something in a practical way that suits all users.

So when I saw this beach access I was so impressed by the practical nature and simplicity of it that I took some photos.

Ramp and stairs Port Townsend, WA looking south

Last fall while roaming along the waterfront, I came across this accessible ramp leading to the beach. On either side are stairs with boulders tucked in. From here you can see that the ramp is level with a pier on the left.

Ramp in Port Townsend, WA looking north

As seen from this photo the ramp is level with a large courtyard to the left with stones and native plantings mixed in. The ramp is just scored concrete with a darker color to differentiate it from the steps. Concrete pavers are in the foreground.

This ramp is so simple, yet so well thought out. It can be used by anyone to reach the beach or sit on steps to watch the water.  I was impressed by the simple, varied use of materials and plantings. If you're from the area or know the name of the designer please leave a comment.

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