Sunday, April 22, 2012

Garden Plan version 2.0

March 1st was the lottery for garden plots at my community garden. I entered and waited with anticipation to hear if I'd get a plot. During the wait I looked up info, created boards on Pinterest, and came up with a plan for the garden

March was unusually wet this year and I can honestly say that I haven't been back to look at my plot since the orientation. I'll be sharing the garden with a friend, but we have yet to get together and review a plan, her schedule is hectic, hopefully we will meet this week.

Then there is the whole issue of rototilling. We can borrow my dad's rototiller, but have to borrow a truck as well. At orientation we were told that one of the plot owners does rototilling for a price. I've gone back and forth on this, the scheduling or the time driving the rototiller back and forth. At one time I was thinking we would do it by hand. This is a year round plot, so I can get it again next year if I choose. I decided it's best to start out with everything to our advantage and till the plot, in the easiest way possible.

Where does this lead? I finally sat down and looked at my concept plan and made some edits.

I think this plan is simple for us to till, plant, work in and water. I widened the paths and kept a border around the edges so our plants aren't trampled, and made some space in the center to leave tools or hoses. Funny thing is, without intending to I created a plan with the letter H, my last initial and her first. I'm sure this will change more, but we can use it to fine tune our planting plans.

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