Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Call for April Showers

It's the last day of April and it seems like the month has flown by.  As the weather gets warmer and we get an occasional sunny day, it seems like there is suddenly so much to do. This last weekend we finally got the white vinyl fence and railing cleaned, I can now plant something against the trellises. I've got some peas ready and need to find the clematis for the other trellis.
My nasturtium seeds are up and I've replaced the planters on the upper deck with new liners and have started planting lobelia, lettuce and spinach.

After checking out the weed patch, I mean the garden plot, I decided to call the guy who rototills at the community garden. He was very nice and tilled the plot on Sunday even though our weather was turning rainy and he could have waited a week. He also has a garden plot and gave me helpful advice on compost, lime and fertilizer to use. I'll be meeting my garden partner there tomorrow to finalize our plans.

But most importantly, today is my mom's birthday. I heard her oohing and ahhing over this pink tulip while I was in her yard with her recently.  The thing is my mom is the rare individual who can appreciate almost any flower (just not magnolias). She will pick flowers and make a bouquet that will last until the last blossom has bloomed. From my childhood I remember that she always had nasturtiums, in recent years it's been sweet peas, this year she has managed to discover an array of purple petunias. She can appreciate all of them as they are.

Happy Birthday Mom!

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