Saturday, May 19, 2012

Progress Report

We planted the peppers and carrots in the community garden on Friday. I decided to direct sow some lettuce and radish seed, since the seed was available and I had room for early plants next to my squash. That leaves more compost, three tomatoes and marigolds which we plan to do this week. Although rain is in the forcast so they might wait.

It appears that the leaky water faucet at the corner of the plot has been repaired, so I'm trying to decide what I'll put there. I don't have room for the pumpkin I'd planned on, not sure I want it in that space right next to the faucet. Something to think about later.

I was watering my hanging baskets out back and thought I'd include a couple of current photos. In my April 2nd post I showed a photo of my newly planted lettuce basket. 6 weeks later it's doing fine after more rain than it needed initially. I've been making salads with it since I planted it.

Lettuce and strawberry baskets on lower deck

In my May 8th post I showed my railing planters with flower and veggies mixed. Less than 2 weeks later they are looking filled in and I've been using the lettuce and spinach in salads.

Railing planter with lobellia, lettuce, spinach and ivy geranium

I've got a couple of plants to either pot or get in the ground, once the tomatoes are planted I won't have any nursery trays scattered on the back deck and then it will be all about watering. We've had a stretch of warm weather to remind me that I might want even/odd days between watering the garden and here at home.

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