Monday, April 2, 2012

Hanging Lettuce Basket

Today was sunny and warm, one of a few perfect days here in the northwest. I finally got out on the back deck to pot a couple of hanging baskets. In earlier posts I had been making shopping lists, specifically for liners for my hanging baskets. I had done some 'window' shopping and finally found the liners I was looking for at Home Depot with the "aqua liner" inside. On one of those shopping trips I decided to get some lettuce and a few other veggies that looked good.  A plus with the upper deck is that my lower porch is covered and sheltered enough to store plants before planting them.

Lettuce Basket 

One advantage to lettuce in a container is that it is clean when you pick. Last year I tried to mix up veggies with flowers, but with one early basket of lettuce, I can easily replace the whole thing when it warms up,  maybe with some summer flowers. In the background is another basket that I started with a couple of strawberry plants from last year. This one should get some additional flowers in a month or so.

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