Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mystery Succulent

I recently planted my ceramic wall planters with a mystery succulent that was given to me by a friend of my mom's. Back in March, I posted some photos I liked from Pinterest, including a small hanging planter with 2 succulents. I mentioned in that post that my planters have been empty for years. They are clay and they are small so they dry out fast and I knew if I planted something in them it should be able to stay dry and be visible. The only thing I've seen that comes close is an indoor plant called 'string of pearls'.

Photo found on Pinterest, no source listed

While I was visiting my mom's friend I noticed her hanging planter with a succulent spilling out of the container. She offered me some since the plant had left starts in the moss on the ground below.

Succulent starts
I brought it home and put in a container on the back deck these are just starts rooted in moss.

Doubt these have the green patina in Mexico

The planters are from a Mexican shop in Portland, mom and I found these pots years ago and bought 5 different shapes and sizes. She has one that hangs on her fence. These have followed me around from place to place. 

These are my 'before' pictures and I hope to have more fully formed plants by the end of summer. These pots are on the wall of our lower deck. They will get some direct sun in summer, but are covered. There's still one pot hanging on our fence, still unplanted. It gets full sun and this plant may actually do better there.

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