Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Visited with my sisters, then had my parents over for lunch yesterday. Warm, sunny weather is returning to the northwest after 2 consecutive thunderstorms that delivered record rainfall amounts. My newly planted container bed got turned into a water trough and I had just planted more seeds at the community garden when the storms just battered us with rain. But, all my plants here and at the garden look no worse for wear and I will not need to do much watering this week.

Today Chris and I added compost and planted tomatoes, marigolds, and sunflower starts at the community garden plot. He also staked peppers and tomatoes. This is the last of the planned vegetable garden, I have a small square left and have not decided on what to plant there. 

Because we had some "free" seeds at the garden I've added a couple rows of radish, lettuce and yes, beets. People in my family seem to like beets, so I figured it couldn't hurt to try. The first of the seeds planted have sprouted, while the packet of marigold seed that I tried never came up (expired seeds?). So I went back and found one of 4 marigold seed packets that were left and tried another.

Here's my half of the garden planted and ready for sun. Everything looks good except for the squash plants which look washed out or burned on the edges. I've seen the squash in other gardens and they look the same. Can only guess it's the cool weather and too much wet. Both the carrots and onions grown from starts seem like they are too shallow, will have to look them up.


  1. Beets! Excellent. So good for you and so delicious.

    1. The seeds are up, little red stems and green leaves.