Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trying to Outsmart a Hungry Mole

These are my peas, this is not where I wanted them to grow. I had this pot of peas and a pot of bush beans over next to the fence, hoping one of them would grow up the trellises there. The trellises are where I had tried growing an evergreen clematis, until a mole tunneled his way through the roots on the scent of the suet feeder we had placed nearby. The peas and beans are in containers in my attempt to prevent them from ending up like the clematis.

These are the trellises that have been bare for over a year, except for last summer's beans. The pot of peas was actually sinking into the ground and I was trying to find a way to keep it from moving once the peas reached the trellis. This wire mesh was left over from the trellis on the upstairs deck. It was keeping the pot from sinking, but I could see new holes. I finally decided to move the pot and used the stakes I started the plants with as a teepee.

Why is the mole tunneling here? Because I moved the bird feeder out to the fence away from the porch because it was too messy. We've moved the bird feeder again to the end of the yard away from the trellis and I'm hoping that the mole will follow it. I have a plant ready for this spot and don't want to sacrifice another plant to a hungry mole.

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