Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Night Sampler Version 2.0

I did a "Saturday Night Sampler" last month (2.18.12) and when thinking about my post for tonight, decided that another was in order. I've been looking at vegetable gardening books, info online, did some price shopping, and found a hook for the fence so we could move the bird feeder. 

I've also encountered computer glitches, batteries dying, and apps that stop working this week, so I don't have photos ready to post.  I look at Pinterest daily and add pins to my boards at a steady rate. My Pinterest boards can be seen by going to the bottom of this page and clicking on the red button. I try to stay focused on items that fall into one of my pre-determined gardening categories like 'trellis' or 'container'.  I actually show a lot of restraint when I go through the Gardening section and see one incredible photo after another.

Here are some of the great things I've seen this week:

Wire window box from
I like the grouping of clay pots in a basket or window box. 
Metal box with pots from

Succulents in container No Source Listed
There are tons of succulent container ideas on Pinterest, but I'm not a fan of most succulents and do not care for the wall hangings that are popular right now. Just personal preference, but they are pretty. I do have some clay wall planters that have sat empty for a couple of years because I could not decide what to do with them.

This example just jumped at me because it is so simple and the combination of these plants works really well. Unfortunately, the source listed on Pinterest is "Uploaded by User", someone deserves credit for this great planter, but I just don't know who it is.

I do intend to try my own version of this in my pots this summer.

Mesh baskets from

The photo of the baskets with the flowers on top may seem simple, but when I saw this photo it was an "aha" moment.  I've had a really nice wire basket for years, that has been a magazine rack, was stored away, and is now sitting empty in the dining room.  I could not ever find anything to put in it. 

This picture gave me the idea that rather than filling it, I could turn it over and let the great basket be a base for something else.

Mason jar vase from

This mason jar as a vase is trendy right now, but I liked this photo showing the outdoor hook.  I've got these all over for hanging baskets and bird feeders. This would be a nice way to enjoy some cut flowers from the deck.

Green glass cloche from

I've been eyeing the photos of glass cloches, and I have to say I want to try one just because they are pretty.  From what I've read they can be helpful starting plants.  I've never seen one used though. 

This green glass is the best and I think I could find a place for one inside when I'm not using it in the garden.

Tool trellis from (aka Better Homes and Gardening)

Finally, this is why I love Pinterest.  My chances of finding this photo on my own are pretty slim.  But there it was one day while I was scrolling through the Gardening page.

This concept is so simple and it uses what I call "salvage garden art" (in this case old tools). Someone found a new use for them in a functional way and I think this looks great.

Hmmm, I happen to know someone with old tools.

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