Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kabrina's Cucumber Snack

In my March 13th post I explained that my cat, Kabrina, has a penchant for cucumber leaves. It was then that I added her picture to the sidebar showing her munching away on them last year.

This year I had cucumber on my list of veggies to buy, so that she would have some again. Problem is that last fall she was diagnosed with feline diabetes.  Despite her special diet, she has been getting weaker in the last few months, particularly her hind legs. I wasn't really sure if she'd be able to make it downstairs, but I potted a cucumber plant (lemon) for her on the upper deck.

This morning she surprised me by coming downstairs, eating breakfast, hanging with us, and eventually going on the deck where she discovered her cucumber plant (really a seedling). She didn't hesitate, just marched over to it and started tearing the leaves off one by one.

What can I say?  She loves them and I was pleased that she was back outside on the deck again eating al fresco.

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