Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kabrina's Favorite Veggie

I saw a blog recently, sorry to say can't remember the name, as I've waited until late evening to write this. It was a very nice blog and it featured the blogger's pet cat on the sidebar.  When I saw that I thought I would like to put Kabrina's picture there.  

I have selected and cropped a few picture's, but they just didn't capture her uniqueness.  Then I remembered that I'd taken pictures of her last year doing her favorite outdoor activity - eating cucumber leaves.

I'm not sure why she likes them, she tries to eat indoor plants too.  I don't know if she's lacking minerals or she just likes greens, but last year this was her favorite snack.  Last fall when the plants were gone, she walked over to the empty container looking for her plants.

So add to my plant list these lemon cucumbers and let's try catnip to see if she likes the real deal. In the meantime, I will work on her photo for the sidebar.

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