Monday, May 7, 2012

After All That Rain, I'm Watering

Suddenly it's spring, and unlike other parts of the country, we have not been having unusually hot, sunny weather.  On the contrary, here in the northwest it's been very rainy and (to me) very gray. So today we had beautiful, warm, sunny weather and I found myself watering, at least some vegetable starts.

In my February 6th post I mentioned the idea of using plastic water bottles as irrigation. Today I finally got to use a small bottle with two holes drilled into the bottom. I put it in a container with green bean starts and then tossed some extra nasturtium seeds around it. I watered the container then unscrewed the lid and filled the bottle. It will probably be a summer long experiment.  I've saved small and regular water bottles to use in containers at home. I've also got a couple of large juice bottles to try out at the garden. The community garden suggested using gallon milk jugs.

Last year's railing basket with coconut husk liner,
this year I got the right size and the aquasav lining.

In a place that rains so much, you'd think I would have thought of that when using aquasav coconut husk liners.  I've had to monitor placing my hanging baskets out, as they pretty much filled up with rain water.  My lettuce basket still looks good, but I've had to thin out some limp mushy plants. On the railing of the upper deck I have my new liners, there just isn't any place to move the baskets out of the rain, so we will see if they become too moist. 

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