Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank You Brilliant Water Bottle Innovator

I love plants, I love potting plants, and I love watering plants - up until about August when it starts to feel like a chore.  This year I was all set to try building a replica of a self-watering system for containers that I'd seen in a catalog.  

Luckily I saw this picture online first. It is from the February 7, 2011 post made by The Frustrated Gardener.

water bottle for irrigation from
All you do is puncture the bottom of a plastic bottle, place it inside the container, fill with water and replace the lid to keep debris out.  Such a simple idea and a great way to reuse water bottles.  

We recycle our bottles, but finding another use for them is even better.  I've already saved money by not buying materials for the contraption I'd planned to try.  Now all I have to do is test how many holes are needed and try out some different bottle sizes.

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