Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aquasav Liners for Window Boxes

Back in February I still didn't know if I had a plot at the community garden, so I was planning for extra containers at home while also planning a vegetable garden.  Once I got the plot, the idea for additional window boxes got moved to last place on my list. I wanted the self-watering types that I'd seen in the Gardener's Supply Co. catalog.  I'd still like them, but I don't have the need for additional garden space and I'm going to be putting money into plants and materials for the garden plot.

I had also done some window shopping, making a list of all the containers that needed replacement coconut husk liners. This year I wanted the liners with the additional plastic liner inside to help retain water.  I managed to find replacements for 3 hanging baskets, but could not find them for the window box planters on the deck. After looking at 4-5 stores I finally decided to order them from Gardener's Supply Company online. 

Aquasav replacement window box liners 

I have 2 containers on the deck railing, once I get these liners I can start buying some salad veggies to go with my lettuce.  We had a salad with fresh lettuce this week and it will be nice to add some spinach, and maybe a radish or two.

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