Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Lure of the Garden Catalog

I've mentioned wanting a set of self-watering window boxes from Gardener's Supply Company in previous posts ( I got a look at their most recent catalog and discovered an entire series of self-watering containers - and I want them all.

Here's a better photo of the window box, it comes in 3 sizes, several colors, I like Loden Green and think that would look best on our white vinyl railing:

Self-Watering Windowbox from Gardener's Supply Company

Here's a diagram showing the water reservoir inside the planters:
Self-Watering Patio Planter Illustration from Gardener's Supply Company.

Today I found the self-watering vegetable planter. It holds 4 qts of water and is deeper than a regular planter. AND it has castors built in so you can move it around easily.  I didn't see any color selection for this.

Self-Watering Vegetable Container from Gardener's Supply Company

They also sell self-watering Rolling planters in two sizes that sit on wheels and an even larger patio planter that has 9 square feet of planting space.  That last one would not fit here, but would be perfect for my parent's deck.

I realize this is only interesting to people like me, but the thought of being able to leave plants unattended while on vacation in the summer seems too good to be true. I haven't met anyone who has tried these planters out yet.  Would like to hear from anyone who has. [I'm also not being paid to endorse this company or their products, they are a personal favorite and I am using this blog to create a wish list for myself.]

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