Monday, March 12, 2012

Still Need a Garden Plan

I met with my friend who will be sharing the community garden plot.  We tossed out our ideas for the vegetables & flowers that we'd been considering.  The garden orientation is one week from today.  At that point I'll have a better understanding of how Heritage Farm works and I will be assigned a plot.

In late February I posted the list of vegetables that I'd made (2/28/12) and how I had chosen them. My theme is primarily "Easy to Grow." While I've got the list I still haven't made a plan. I've got a stack of magazine articles, gardening books, and yes, a Pinterest board titled, "Veggies", but I've never tried drawing the garden plot.  

This week my task will be to get a plan drawn to scale so I'll have something ready when I finally get to see my plot and how it's oriented to others. Then we can fine tune what will go where.

Here are some photos from my Pinterest board, I want to include flowers, these two show companion planting.



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