Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Won the Lottery! The Garden Lottery...

March 1st, day of the lottery for a plot at the community gardens.  I must have checked my e-mail 20 times today looking for news.  At 5:18 pm I got the e-mail saying that I had a plot.  I've known people who were on waiting lists for City plots before and wouldn't have been surprised if I hadn't gotten one, but I really wanted this plot. 

Someone pointed out that it was the randomness of the drawing that made it more fun. The anticipation of finding out if I could have a plot was a lot more fun than just signing up for one.

There are some forms for registration and an orientation.  I've asked a friend if she'd like to share (it's a 20x20' plot for a year).  I've already had one offer of help with the work (on those 95 degree days we have so often here in the northwest.) I'm going to like vegetable gardening with plenty of examples around me and hopefully they won't mind me taking a few pictures to share.

Expect a lot of posts on the Farm and it's history, what they do there now, and every vegetable idea that I come across until I start planting and will be too tired to post about it.

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