Thursday, February 16, 2012

Windowbox Salad Bar

Whether I get a plot in the community garden or not, I've still got to make plans for what I'll plant here at home.  I've decided to add windowboxes along the railing of our upper deck. I want 4 windowboxes along the upper deck railing for "salad" planters.  It's easy access from the kitchen and I want to expand on what I tried last year.

Last year we had lettuce and vegies mixed with flowers. There are two currently in place (one is pictured in the banner at the top of the page).  They are decorative with coconut husk liners. If I add more I'd like them to look like a group.

Last summer a relative pointed out that I could add more downstairs on the railing of the lower deck.  In the past I've only had hanging baskets along there.  Adding window baskets just below them would increase my growing area. More growing area that is off the ground away from slugs and other critters. So I'll move the two I've got downstairs.

I've already found what I want.  Self-Watering Windowboxes from Gardener's Supply Company. They come in 3 sizes and if you buy two of the same size you get a reduced price.  I want the Loden Green and have not decided on a size.  The largest is almost as big as our coffee table.
What makes these special is they are "self-watering". They have a reservoir at the bottom that retains water, a watering tube, and a water level indicator.

The only reason I haven't ordered them yet is that I was raised to compare prices.  I've done a little looking online and these are a better price than others.  Just have to determine that paying extra for self-watering vs. a regular windowbox planter is worth it.  So I have a little more figuring to do.

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